Group Art Classes

With The Art Spot's group art classes, children can enjoy and learn about creative experimentation through multiple art modalities, including drawing, painting, clay sculpting, and more. Every class features a different technique or style to explore and help them develop their skills within each genre of art. These classes offer consistent frequency and do not require any commitment, so your child can join at any time!

Abstract Lettering Class

Occurs weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays
6-7:30 pm

Let your child escape reality by creating abstract art that uses shapes, forms, colors, and textures. Our Abstract Lettering class teaches students how to use basic compositional drawing and painting techniques to create abstract pieces such as graffiti and other art forms.

Oodles of Doodles Drawing Classes

Occurs weekly on Thursdays
6-7:30 pm

We heart Doodle art! Doodling is a fun and therapeutic way to create original designs using a variety of characters or random and abstract patterns. This class provides a creative outlet that encourages kids to get lost in their own imagination while doodling. They will discover and find inspiration from various doodles created by other artists and leisurely draw up their own masterpiece.

Tear It Up! Collage Creations

Occurs weekly on Fridays
5:30-7 pm

Let your child's creativity soar through cutting and pasting. Our Collage Creation Class encourages children to draw inspiration and collect content from resources like magazines and fabrics to build their masterpiece. Kids will explore different applications, and learn about the cohesion and composition, as well as textures and materials of collage art.

Private Art Lessons

Do you prefer more personalized instruction for your child? 

The Art Spot's Private Lessons offer youth artists their very own art tutor to provide customized educational sessions that enable them to learn, develop, and progress their art skills in a one-on-one setting. These beneficial lessons can be supplementary to our other art classes, workshops, and open studio time, but are solely sufficient as well. To inquire about or sign-up for private lessons, please call 617-479-1705, send an email to, or complete the contact form by clicking the button below.