Winter Schedule
(January 2015)



Wednesday: Clay

3:30 - 4:30  Clay:  Ages 6-10

4:40 - 5:30  Clay:  Ages 11-14

Students will work on animals in clay exploring hand building, pinching and coiling and developing their fine motor skills. Clay will be finished with firing and glaze.

The benefits to adding "clay" to your youngsters playtime is significant.  The following is an article regarding just that.  Our clay class is geared for older children and even if clay was never introduced before, the benefits are still amazing.  Please read on and sign up your child today for Clay Class!

Most toddlers (& children), when given a piece of ordinary soft pottery clay, are instinctively motivated to explore its inviting soft and responsive sensory qualities.  They poke it, squeeze it, hit it, pick it up and pound it down, and so on.  Each time they act on the clay, the clay adjusts and responds.  These changes mean very little to us as adults, but for a toddler these changes in the clay are magical.  The child is naturally fascinated, motivated, and empowered to keep experimenting. Read More



Thursdays:  Drawing & Paint        

3:30 - 4:30 Drawing 1    Ages 6-10

4:30 - 5:30 Drawing 2  Ages 11-14

Basic Drawing (Ages 6-10)

Students will use pencil, pastel, markers, and color pencils to learn about line, shape, composition and color.

Drawing (Ages 11-14)

Students will use pencil, charcoal, markers, crayon and color pencils to learn drawing techniques for the emerging drawer.


Children that learn to paint are also learning to think with an open mind and look at situations more creatively. They're learning how to express themselves more deeply through their art while putting words together on a different level. Your child will take the lessons learned through their painting and apply these lessons and skills throughout their whole life.  Critical-thinking skills are learned and decisions about what works and what doesn’t work, new concepts are learned and used on their own.  Don't miss this chance to give your child an opportunity to learn and grow through the wonders of painting!