Specialty Art Workshops &
School Vacation Programs

The Art Spot offers various specialty workshops that focus on more niche styles of art. An experienced art instructor will provide an overview of the particular art form for each workshop and set goals for participants to accomplish by the end of the seminar. These "project-assigned" sessions typically require a longer commitment for a more thorough experience of the entire creative process. Children who participate in our workshops will know the history, understand the strategies, and be able to implement learned techniques so they can put them into practice for the rest of their lives!

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Workshop 1


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Workshop 2


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Summer 2018 Art
Enrichment Programs

July 9-August 17, 2018

Full- & Half-Day Sessions Available Monday-Friday!

Let your child explore up to 8 different art stations every weekday this summer, including painting, drawing, clay, music, screen-printing, gardening, 3-D art engineering, photography, and so much more!