Specialty Art Workshops

The Art Spot offers various specialty workshops that focus on more niche styles of art. An experienced art instructor will provide an overview of the particular art form for each workshop and set goals for participants to accomplish by the end of the seminar. These "project-assigned" sessions typically require a longer commitment for a more thorough experience of the entire creative process. Children who participate in our workshops will know the history, understand the strategies, and be able to implement learned techniques so they can put them into practice for the rest of their lives!

Photography Fun 101

Workshop Dates: Saturday, 12/15/18, 12/22/18, and 1/5/19

Drop your child off for some photography fun! In this 3-day workshop, children will learn about the basics and background of photography, discover photographic techniques, practice using a camera, experiment with different viewpoints and lighting, and capture captivating photos in a hands-on, explorational environment.

Clay Monsters Workshop

Workshop Dates & Times Coming Soon

It's time to play with clay! Our Clay Monster Workshop encourages curiosity, stimulates the imagination, and generates brain and motor skill development. In this workshop, your child will learn about the fundamentals of clay including three hand-building techniques to practice. They will also be able to sketch their ideas and then experiment freely with clay molding, sculpting, and pottery building to bring those ideas to life.

Custom Shoe Design Workshop

Workshop Dates & Times Coming Soon

Turn your child into a shoe designer using their own sneakers or a pair supplied by us*! From conception to completion, this workshop will take kids through the process of designing and selling custom shoes so they can create their very own style and brand to rock or resell using learned entrepreneurial skills.

Private Art Lessons

Do you prefer more personalized instruction for you or a child? 

The Art Spot's Private Lessons offer artists their very own art tutor to provide customized educational sessions that enable them to learn, develop, and progress their art skills in a one-on-one setting. These beneficial lessons can be supplementary to our other art classes, workshops, and open studio time, but are solely sufficient as well. To inquire about or sign-up for private lessons, please call 617-479-1705, or complete the request form by clicking the button below.