Photography Fun 101 Workshops

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Photography Fun 101 is a 3-day, bi-weekly course that will teach kids about the basics and background of photography, discover photographic techniques, practice using a camera, experiment with different viewpoints and lighting, and capture captivating photos in an explorational environment.


WORKSHOP #2: Saturdays: 12/15/18, 12/22/18, & 1/5/19
12-1:30 pm


  • Appropriate for ages 8-12 years

  • Students are encouraged to bring a digital camera from home if they have one. Canon cameras are great for digicams or DSLR cameras.

  • Students should also bring their own notebook, USB drive, and memory card.


Kyaunna has worked with children 12 and under since she was a teenager. She's performed in many roles including a Substitute Teacher, Teacher's Aide, Daycare Provider, an Employee at The Boys and Girls Club, and a Science Teacher for a Summer Educational Camp where she did a lot of hands-on science experiments with elementary-aged students. She now has her Associate's ECE and Bachelor's degree in Education. While her passion for photography began as a pre-teen shooting landscape photography and friends, her work at a Sears Photography Studio in 2007 helped her realize her passion for and talent in photography. Today Kyaunna is a self-taught, (#selfmade) freelance photographer with a successful photography business, K Fresh Photography, which serves to shoot social and private family events as well as portrait photos.