Art & Science Combined

Art and science will be combined to create working experiments. Projects will include a balancing sculpture, a movable hand, a marble run and stop motion animation. Use your imagination to make your projects look like a piece of art! Create in a supportive environment with individualized help from the instructors.



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The Pop-Up Art School

The Pop up Art School is owned and operated by Janell Scannell and Lisa Walker. They regularly teach art workshops at public libraries on the South Shore and have done so for the past five years. Janell is a graduate of the Pratt Institute in New York City. She is a licensed visual arts teacher at The Sacred Heart school in Weymouth MA. Lisa is a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design and the owner of Pink Elephants Retro, an online vintage store.

Descriptions of the projects we will do during our week of STEAM:

  • Using your problem-solving skills to build a sculpture that balances & moves!

  • Construct a marble run using everyday materials and your imagination. Figure out all the twists and turns that your marble will travel.

  • Using tension create a movable hand, that when finished, can open and close.

  • The class will work collaboratively to make a stop motion video of a horse galloping!


Movable Hand

Not all tension is bad! Using tension we can create a movable hand, understand muscles and movement.


Making a stop motion video of a horse galloping!


Sculpture Balance

Use your problem-solving skills!


Traveling MARBLES

You'll construct a marble run using everyday materials, how far will it go?

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